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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (English)

  1. Please read the T&C prior to placing an order at www.birkinjewel.com, we recommend the buyer to keep a copy of our T&C for future reference.
  2. The buyer at our website MUST be aged 18+, we reserve the right to refuse a sale to a person under this age except upon approval of the parent/guardian.
  3. This T&C may change from time to time. We recommend the buyer to read the T&C prior to making a purchase, and should you disagree with it, we recommend you not to continue with the purchase. A change which occurs after a placement of order will not affect the placement, unless it is required by the law.
  4. Registration
    • In order to use the services and features provided at the website of birkinjewel.com, you must perform the registration process, and during the registration, you must provide correct, accurate, and detailed information. Should there be any change, please inform it to use through our email at sales@birkinjewel.com. The creation of an account must use a unique password which is kept safely. Misuse of account by an irresponsible person shall not fall under the responsibility of birkinjewel.com.
    • We, birkinjewel.com, will not distribute a buyer’s account data to a 3rd party, except to the authorities concerned due to a matter which is required by the law in nature.
  5. Persons entitled to purchase
    Individuals aged 18+ who have performed the registration of account by providing their actual name, telephone number, address, email and other necessary information. As the merchant, we reserve the right to conduct verification to the buyer, even to the bank as credit card/debit card issuer.
  6. Placement of order
    An order can only be placed if the buyer has performed registration and has been registered as a user. An item cannot be held in the shopping basket until the process of payment and verification of payment data is completed.
  7. Price
    • The basic price is given in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), the stated price is excluding shipping cost. For shipment abroad, please contact sales@birkinjewel.com to obtain a separate offer. Specifically for export sales, birkinjewel.com is not responsible for the tax imposed in the destination country.
    • We recommend foreign buyers to contact the customs to calculate the custom duty prior to finalizing the purchase.
    • If a buyer makes payment by credit/debit card in a foreign currency, the applied rate will be at the bank’s discretion and beyond the influence of birkinjewel.com
  8. Receipt order
    If an order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email for the order. For your information, this email is not a receipt of your order but it is only a confirmation of your order. Such confirmation of order receipt is subsequently followed by the finalization of payment through the facility provided by birkinjewel.com, among other things:
    a. global credit card (visa and mastercard)
    b. mandiri clickpay (mandiri’s internet banking)
    c. BRI’s internet banking
    d. Mocash (BRI’s sms Banking)
    e. BRIVA (Mandiri’s virtual account)
    f. Dokupay (Payment ID & e-wallet)
    g. XL tunai (e-wallet of XL, a mobile provider)
    h. Klik BCA (internet banking)
    i. BII , e-banking
    We provide payment gateway service provided by doku.com, so that any payment to doku’s account, after being processed for a minimum of 7 days, will enter the account of birkinjewel.com, and the finalization of payment will be calculated since the fund in the account birkinjewel.com becomes effective.
    We reserve the right not to accept your order if we cannot obtain the payment authorization, limitation of shipment or due to something which we cannot explain one by one. We will refund the payment, which we already received but cannot process, after a 5% deduction. Such deduction is not for us but for the provider of payment gateway we use.
  9. Return & cancellation
    Birkinjewel does not apply cancellation & replacement of item. After the placement of order for an item, the purchase cannot be cancelled but the purchased item, upon mutual agreement, can be remarketed by birkinjewel.com to the existing client base.
    Specifically for items which have the nature of PO, the full payment must be effectively received by birkinjewel.com (not at the account of the payment gateway provider).