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  1. How can we order Birkin Jewel (BJ) products?
    • The customer must first perform the registration by selecting My Account menu. Afterwards, the customer must fill in his/her personal data completely and accurately.
    • After the customer has successfully performed the registration, he/she can proceed by selecting the Cart menu and determine the products he/she wishes to buy by clicking Add to Chart. In this menu, the customer can select and determine shopping orders or he/she can check out to continue with the next process.
    • In the Check Out process, the customer must take the following 3 steps:
      - Confirm Address: you will be requested to update other shipping address, if any.
      - Payment Method: you will be requested to select a type of payment.
      - Confirm Order: you will be requested to agree to the conditions applicable at Birkin Jewel (after this process is completed, the customer will receive an email with regard to the order).
    • Specifically for payment using credit cards, the customer must click submit to process online payment and to input the data of credit card holder.
    • For payment through bank transfer, the customer must make confirmation of the payment by selecting one of these methods:
      - Sending an email to sales@birkinjewel.com by stating the customer’s Name, Telephone Number, Name of Orders, Amount Transferred, and Transferring Bank.
      - Making a telephone call to 0857 1695 7500, 081 3148 58462.
    • Please keep the proof of payment since it may be required at anytime. We will send the orders 48 hours after the payment has been effectively received at Birkin Jewel’s account.
  2. Are all of the products sold authentic?
    Yes. All of the products we sell at www.birkinjewel.com are authentic. We have proofs of it.
  3. Where do the items come from?
    Our products come from several countries in various parts of the world which are directly acquired by the founder of birkinjewel.com at Hermes’ boutique.
  4. Does Birkin Jewel provide a purchase receipt from the boutique?
    Yes, we provide an original receipt or at least a copy of the receipt for the purchase of bags, and specifically for the purchase of accessories, we provide a copy of the receipt.
  5. Which courier company is used by birkinjewel.com?
    Birkinjewel.com uses the service of FEDEX for all of its shipments to other countries and we also use the service of RPEX for shipments within the Indonesian territory, while for Jakarta region, the delivery will be performed by staffs of Birkin Jewel. We will also provide the AWB of delivery of items to the customer in order that the customer may check the position of the items through online tracking.
  6. How long will it be until the items can be received?
    The items will be shipped 48 hours after the payment has been effectively received at Birkin Jewel’s account or 9 working days after placement of an order. For shipments within the Indonesian territory and its surroundings, the payment will be verified in 2-14 working days, while for shipments to other countries, it will depend on the delivery region; we will inform it specifically to the clients of birkinjewel.com.
  7. What is the payment system?
    All payments for products at birkinjewel.com shall be 100% full prepayment, since we do not use down payment (DP) system. Payment can be made through the payment gateway facility provided by birkinjewel.com or by bank transfer.
  8. What is the guarantee for the products sold in case they are proven to be inauthentic?
    We will return the money 100% in full if an item purchased at www.birkinjewel.com is proven inauthentic. The verification of such inauthenticity is conducted by submitting the bag for a spa treatment at the Hermes boutique in Paris (not in Indonesia, the United States, etc.).
    If the Hermes boutique in Paris refuses to provide spa treatment for the reason that the bag is not made by them, birkinjewel.com will refund the purchase price in full.
    If the refusal for spa treatment at the Hermes boutique is due to the reason that the spa is full or the condition of the bag is still good, birkinjewel.com will not give a refund.
  9. Who will bear the shipping tax?
    The shipping tax will be borne by the buyer of birkinjewel.com’s product, the amount of which shall be adjusted to the policy of the respective country. Birkinjewel.com shall not be responsible if the buyer refuses to pay tax and the risk shall become the buyer’s responsibility.
  10. Can Birkin Jewel receive items using consignment system?
    For the time being, birkinjewel.com only receives consignment from birkinjewel.com’s clients. For the consignment system, a client must comply with regulations and policies of birkinjewel.com
  11. Can purchased items be exchanged or returned?
    No. Any purchased item cannot be exchanged or returned.

Thank you and have a nice shopping.